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"Welcome to the Future…

Recently we were asked what YourEmagazine is? Our answer “YourEmagazine was a concept that we created back in 2015 to enable companies to better engage with their customers at a much more affordable price. Originally we were in the print magazine industry and were spending £10’s of thousands of pounds on printing and distribution costs and we thought there must be a better way. That’s when we spent the next few months creating E-magazine’s online through PDF converters, and found that they were never up to our standard. So, we thought right let’s do it ourselves…. So, we did!”

It has taken us the best part of 2 years and a lot of blood sweat and tears, but we are proud to bring you YourEmagazine. Through our software, we can create truly interactive E-Magazines and E-Brochures that show off your company and what it is that makes customers keep coming back. Through Video’s, Animations, Music, Hyperlinks and stunning images, the only limit to our E-Magazines is our imagination.
Never again let the cost of distribution limit how many potential customers you can engage with! We can’t wait to see what Ideas we come up with to better engage with your audiences and to grow your company.

...we look forward to hearing from you soon"

If you want to grab the attention of today’s readers,
digital magazines need to be a keystone in your advertising strategy.

Why E-Brochures and E-Magazines


Better Engagement

The average person interacts with their smartphones and tablets over 2,617 times a day and with reading being a core activity for many of them, brands can take advantage of this by utilising E-Magazines and E-Brochures to reach those readers.

By informing and entertaining readers you will build better engagement, especially if readers have the convenience of consuming content the way they want.

Cross-platform Optimisation

The major reason why an E-Magazine is so portable, and therefore more likely to be read, is because it can be viewed on any device!

From your smartphone on a morning to your PC or Tablet at work, an E-Magazine can be read and enjoyed anytime anywhere. Without getting screwed up in the bottom of your bag!

Speed of Distribution

This cross-platform optimisation combined with modern methods of communication means that you can distribute the E-Magazine to your audience virtually instantaneous without having to worry about the printing, transportation to your audience as well as all of the other factors you have to consider when using a printed magazine.

The pièce de résistance of the E-Magazine is that it can be read anywhere in the world for no extra cost, which means you are no longer limited to those extremely high shipping costs!

We can help you
To Grow your Business

Over the years we have helped organisations just like yours to reach thousands of their target market through the power of YourEmagazine.
From how to guides to Community E-Magazines we have created it all. So you know you are in safe hands.
Years experience
e-Magazines published
Readers and growing

How Does It Work

Every interactive magazine published by YourEmagazine has a unique URL which allows you to view that magazine anywhere on any device* as long as you have an internet conecction.

Due to every page essentially being its own webpage we are able to embed videos, animations, hyperlinks and in somecases even payment methods directly in YourEmagazine.

How much does it all cost?

Everything we do is completely tailored around you and your budget.
With our basic E-magazines starting from just a few hundred pounds to our most expensive E-magazines costing a few thousand pounds.



Advertising Opportunities

Advertising can be integrated throughout your magazine. Functionality such as click to purchase, animation, embedded videos and HD imagery should be harnessed.

Always On

Due to YourEmagazine being online your audience has access to it 24/7 anywhere in the world.

Available Offline

We can make it so your readers can download a basic version of YourEmagazine, so they can read it anytime anywhere.

Cross Platform Optimised

Your magazine needs to reach users wherever they are and regardless of what device they are using. That’s why YourEmagazine works across all major platforms from your mobile to your laptop, YourEmagazine can be accessed on all of them.

Socially Savvy

Utilise the power of social media through directly linking all of YourEmagazines with your social media.

Easy Linking

Embedded links can instantly take readers to your website, purchase or subscribe pages, drawing attention to the content that you wish to highlight.

Video Integration

Video or other rich content can enhance the reader’s experience and allow you to communicate your messages in a variety of ways.

High-Resolution Images

Users enjoy high-resolution imagery and visuals that bring a magazine to life and offer an enhanced and pleasurable reading experience.

Bespoke Layout and Design

We will help ensure your magazine matches your brand guidelines while presenting content in the most user friendly and eye-catching ways.

All the benefits of a paper magazine combined with the power of technology

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